Welcome to Honeycomb Kids! This is a website where we can learn interesting things about the Bible and how it can help us in today’s world.

Too many people want us to think the Bible was written by a bunch of people who made up a god to suit themselves. Now some of these same people want to make fun of Christians and the Bible. They want to laugh at the Bible and call it a bunch of folk tales.

But the Bible is really a story about a very real God who reaches down to people to show them who he is and to help them find meaning in their lives.

We will explore several Bible verses and stories on this blog to see if we really can use them today to guide our lives and to make big decisions.

If you are a kid (or the mom or dad of a kid, or an aunt, uncle, grandparent or friend), I invite you to come back often and read about some of your favorite Bible stories. Please ask lots of questions too. There are so many good lessons the Bible can teach us. Your questions may help us know what to talk about next.

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