IMG_7903e JaniceWhen I was a kid I learned a lot of Bible stories. I remember learning about David and Goliath, Zachaeus, baby Moses, Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus, and lots more.

Then when I got older I made a big mistake. I let some people tell me that the Bible wasn’t all true, and sadly, I believed them for a while. That first mistake made it easy for me to make a whole lot more mistakes until I really messed up my life. I got away from the church and many of my Christian teachings.

But God was bigger than all my mistakes. When I thought God was too far away to answer my prayers I found out he was there all the time.

I prayed and thought God wasn’t answering my prayer. It scared me, so I made up my mind to go back to church and find out where I had messed up. God led me to the right people who could show me that I could believe the Bible. I found so much love in the Bible. I found God and His Son Jesus who loved me so much He was willing to die for all my sins and rebellion.

It is my prayer that I can help you find all the love God has for you in His holy Word and that you will grow to love God and his Bible too. After all, God’s Word is sweeter than honey from the comb.

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