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I wrote a review on this great Bible story book when I first began writing this blog. But today I learned that its publisher, Zondervan, also has videos online to go with these stories. I watched the first one about when Jesus was born, and it was sooooo good I had to pass it on to my readers. Check out this link and see for yourself how good these stories are:

The Jesus Storybook Bible – video


Hey kids! Here is a fun presentation of The Prodigal Son and two more parables from It was written by Edward Hughes, adapted by Ruth Klassen and Sarah S., and illustrated by Lazarus.  

Which of the two sons is most like you? Who is most like God in the story? Do you remember who tells this story in the Bible? You can read all three of these parables in your Bible in Luke 15

You might also like another presentation of The Prodigal Son, prepared by Charles Kirkpatrick and illustrated by Henry Martin.  It was produced by You may need to log into their website to watch it.

After you watch one of the presentations or read the verses from the Bible, see if you can work my puzzle: The Prodigal Son Puzzle