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I’m a kid again! I just brought home a whopping big 184 Crayola crayons to make Bible quilts. Add that to the 24 crayon box I already had and I now have 208 crayons. I bought them to help children make Bible quilts.

I’m having a lot of fun making Bible quilt blocks with my grandchildren. We trace the Bible pictures we like or draw our own and then color them on cotton fabric with crayons. It helps to use a light box, but if you are very careful, you might be able to see through the fabric well enough to trace your pictures.

I will be sewing the blocks together as soon as we get enough pictures colored. Then I will sew these fabric Bible pictures into a quilt.

Learn more about how to do it at

Erica coloring a Bible quilt block
Wesley tracing a Bible picture using the light box

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I would like to find pictures of children wearing their pajamas and/or sitting in bed reading Bible stories with their parents. I am designing a new header for this blog which you can see is unfinished. I would like to insert these bedtime Bible study pictures into some of the spaces in the honeycomb. I expect to do more re-arranging of what is already in the header, but this gets me started. I hope you like it.